To help create the best fit between your current working environment and your proposed document management installation, FingerTips also offers a selection of add-ons designed to let you tailor FingerTips to your exact needs. This is offered as the FingerTips PLUS Module Series including:

FingerTips Data X-Porter+

FingerTips Data X-Porter provides the capability to export knowledge documents to any external media such as CD, DVD or hard disk.

FingerTips DataGrabber+

Data Grabber provides a configurable data capture feature that allows you to customize it for each data source. It captures and imports data into FingerTips with no need for source code changes to legacy systems. It is fully configurable, enabling it to handle irregular and complex data.

FingerTips AutoCad+

This plug-in integrated into FingerTips from AutoCAD gives you the same plotting engine that AutoCAD® 2000 uses, 2D measuring capabilities, plus markup using ActiveShapes® technology for intelligent drawing objects.

FingerTips Searchable PDF+

This server based converter easily converts these documents to Searchable PDF automatically without manual intervention. Searchable PDF Converter from FingerTips is a simple to use utility that automatically monitors your FingerTips folders and converts the scanned PDF documents into Searchable PDF.

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