Regardless of the kind of business you run, your organisation will need business process management (BPM) via a workflow process. For example, Sales Orders, Invoices and other documents that needs to be routed to different people for approval.

Business Pains

When you pass documents around by hand or email, it is difficult to track them. You don’t know who has made changes to your douments or how long they are stuck pending for someone’s approval. Besides being inefficient, it can be frustrating when you need to know the status of your document submissions.

How Does Workflow Effects Your Business

Introducing FT Flows

FT Flows is a powerful workflow system that provides the workflow and also integrates with other back-end systems including FingerTips Document Management System, Microsoft Sharepoint, Databases (Oracle, MS SQL, etc.), emails, folders and other 3rd party applications.

Document Routing Process

Design and Create Workflows Yourself

Create COMPLEX Workflows with Multi-Level and Routing

Powerful Built-In Reports and KPI Viewer

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