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FingerTips 8 is a powerful enterprise business application that builds document databases on low-cost network storage and provides a variety of retrieval and output options. It is ideal for managing large volumes of information and includes all the advance functions required in a powerful document and workflow management system.

Fully Web Based Document Management System

User doesn’t need to install software’s to client machine anymore. Fingertips 8 now can be accessed from anywhere, anytime & securely using any internet browsers.

Key Features of FingerTips 8

1. Simple & Familiar User Interface.

2. Customizable Index Fields For Easy Retrieval.

 • Create index by cabinets • Range of index types from text to list • Inherit index from other cabinets • Reorganize index using drag and drop function

5. Control Document with Versioning.

 • Create document version • Support minor and major version • Check out feature to lock documents

6. Personalize your Favorites.

 • Create favorite easily • Access favorite document quickly

3. Total Control Over Access Rights.

 • Control access to cabinets • Grant permission to specified folders • Restrict access to confidential files

7. Document Tags.

 • Easily create document tags to group    documents • Share tags to system users

4. Search is Quick & Easy.

 • Keyword search across cabinet and index • Full-text search • Search by file parameters • Frequent searches can be saved as templates

8. Dynamic Reporting.

 • Ability to create dynamic report • User definable fields • Manage rights to report creation

FingerTips 8 Mobile App

FingerTips 8 app is now available for the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You'll find the app in the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store. Search for FingerTips 8.

An Overview About FingerTips 8

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